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Welcome to Buddhism & Quantum Physics


This interactive online course on Buddhism & Quantum Physics will provide you with new tools to analyse your mind and investigate the nature of reality and the self. 

With this fundamental shift in perspective, you can become more open to experiencing joy in daily life. This can help you to expand your worldview, improve your well-being, experience mindfulness, and cultivate a deeper meditation practice.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the connections between science and spirituality.
  • Learn. about quantum mechanics and Buddhism in an easy, accessible way.
  • Investigate the nature of reality, the mind and the self.
  • Deepen and enrich your meditation practice.
  • Enhance your mindfulness, awareness and well-being.

Preliminary Reading

Course Bibliography & Pre-Reading

Download the Bibliography

A Short Introduction to Buddhism

Download the Guide

A Short Introduction to Buddhist Tenets

Download the Guide

A Short Introduction to Quantum Physics

Download the Guide

Course Handbook

You will find all the course details and readings in this 91 page course handbook. We highly recommend reading through the lesson content before watching the lesson videos to help get the most out of your learning experience.

Discussion and Q&A

Join conversations, ask questions, and deepen your understanding here. We created this forum as a collaborative space designed to extend your learning and engagement with our course, “Buddhism & Quantum Physics”.